What is Bitcoins?

Bitcoins is a form of digital currency that is being created and use electronically. It was firstly created and introduced by Satoshi Nakamota. It is neither in printable form like currency notes of dollar nor in the form of coins like cents. It is virtual currency and easily use in buying and purchasing for any business. Small business owners love to use this option. To get this currency a person needs a computer and internet. Bitcoins can be purchased easily through different software owned by different miners. There is no concept of middle man or bank. Now a day people can send and receive it using mobile apps.

Advantages of Bitcoins

  • No worries for carrying cash or card, it means that no physical medium of transferring money involved.
  • It will depart from a destination and reach in to another account in few minutes.
  • Bitcoins aren’t linked to any name, address or other identity that any hacker can trace it to reach the owner.
  • No need to visit bank for opening any account. Even you don’t need to put efforts in setting up any sort of merchant account on internet.
  • No account opening fee required.
  • Similarly no need to keep a certain value in account to maintain the account.
  • No bank/agent involved.
  • Small businesses may like them because there is no credit card fee.

Paying in Bitcoins – An Easy Method

It is a very easy procedure. There are several websites that can convert your dollar, euro or any currency from your card or PayPal into bitcoin and transfer to your wished account for example CoinMama and CoinBase are best facilitators in this field. You have open up the page, put the amount you want to pay to against your order. Our bitcoin wallet address will be sent to you via order invoice email.

That’s all… You have made the payment.

Now you need to just follow the instructions, already get in the same email from where you get the sender address.